About Us

Founded in Chicago, IL in 1947, and originally named Rite Dress Form Mfg. Co. our company has a long history of making some of the highest quality dress forms on the market. Originally we produced adjustable dress forms that could expand and contract to fit a several sizes into one form. After producing adjustable dress forms for several decades we switched to making papier mâché forms. Made the same way dress forms had been made for over a century, papier mâché dress forms are very study and can last for many years. We produced a wide range of forms from half scale to full body, and from children sizes to mature body types.

In the early 1990’s the company name was changed to Dress Rite Forms. In addition to selling standard dress forms we also specialized in fully custom forms. Casting a person’s body and making plaster molds to make an exact replica of their shape. We have worked with fit models from Hollywood movie studios to some of the largest clothing retailers in the world, making dress forms in every shape and size imaginable.

Currently, we work with schools and designers from around the world, helping people create and learn about fashion.