Dress Rite Forms half scale dress forms are specifically made to design clothing on that can be scaled to full size. All of the measurements are exactly half of the full size form it represents. To convert half scale clothing into full size clothes simply double all the measurements by two and scale the cloths up as shown in the diagram on that can be scaled to full size. 

Half Scale Dress Form

Our forms can also be used to display other items such as jewelry too. Many people are not aware of using half scale dress forms as a way to design full sized clothing, but half scale dress forms have been around for more than a century. Half scale dress forms are great for fashion designers, students, and people who like to sew.

Working on a smaller scale allows you to create garments in less time and with less material! The dress shown above was made with a fraction of a yard of fabric. This is a great way for students to learn about pattern making and how to sew a garment together. It's also great for the designer who wants to experiment with their designs before having a full sized garment made.

Our half scale forms are made out of a foam material that mimics the body's natural elasticity. The material also makes pinning into the form incredibly easy! Unlike hard dress forms, draping on this form will be fast and smooth being able to stick pins right in, and not having to worry about trying to hook pins in sideways.

We offer half scale dress forms from dress size 2 to 16 so it's easy to find just the right size you are looking for!

You can choose between the standard cream cover, or special order one with a black cover. Having the form covered in black helps if you design with a lot of light colored fabric!